Friday, May 17, 2013

The Pyramid of the Sun

The Pyramid of the Sun is located in Teotihuacan and is the largest building in that region. It can be found along the Avenue of the Dead near the Pyramid of the Moon.
The Aztecs gave the name of Pyramid of the Sun when they visited Teotihuacan centuries after it was abandoned by its builders the Teotihuacanos.
Its size at completion was 738 feet across and its height was 246 feet.
It was built in two phases. The first phase was built in 100 A.D. and the second phase was marked by the construction of an altar on top of the pyramid.
The most fascinating part of the Pyramid of the Sun was the fact that its perimeter of 2933m feet is exactly the same as the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. That begs the question: Did the ancient Tiotihuacanos have knowledge of the Great Pyramid?
The Pyramid of the Sun is the 3rd largest pyramid in the world.Although the Pyramid of the Sun has the exact same perimeter as the Great Pyramid. It is only 246 feet high while the Great Pyramid is 476 feet high.
In ancient times, The Pyramid of the Sun was covered with ancient murals. Erosion has destroyed these murals and they are no longer visible.

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