Friday, May 31, 2013

About Puma Punku

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Puma Punku is part of the Tiahuanaco complex in Mexico. This structure contains a block which weighs 440 tons. The other blocks weigh between 100 and 150 tons.
The feature which makes Puma Punku so fascinating is the precision by which the blocks were cut.
The cut in the stones are wider in the back than they are in front. This feature is called dovetailing and is seen in modern furniture making.
The cutting tools that are available could not have cut the stones at Puma Punku.
The machining is so precise that only sophisticated tools could duplicate this precision.
Ancient alien theorists believe that Puma Punku was used as a ancient landing strip for alien spaceships to land on.
Another question about Puma Punku is how was this structure built?
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Even with modern equipment, modern man can’t lift a stone that weighs 440 tons.
There is an Inca legend that the god Viracocha burnt the stones which made them as light as a feather. The stones were then moved into place.
Those who subscribe to the ancient aliens theory cite Puma Punku as the best evidence for the ancient aliens theory.
The stone cutting at Puma Punku is so complex and intricate that it is not possible to determine their purpose.
Puma Punku is another example of how advanced and precise ancient engineering was.

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