Friday, May 3, 2013

Building Pyramids

Professor Goyon, who is an expert on ancient Egyptian technology as well as an archaeologist has stated categorically that there was no wood used to build the pyramids. In addition to the fact that there was no wooden scaffolding, there is no evidence that ropes were used in ancient Egypt.
It is not know how the Great Pyramid was built. There are theories. One theory states that four mud ramps were built. Three of the ramps were used to drag the stones up the ramp. The fourth ramp was used to drag the carts back down to the base.
Wood that could be used in construction was very scarce in ancient Egypt. What little wood there was had to be brought in by wooden ships. Therefore, very little wood was imported.
Professor Goyon has proposed that the scaffolding was made of air dried bricks.
In conclusion, that is Professor Goyon theory on how the Great Pyramid was built.

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