Friday, June 21, 2013

The Search for Secret Chambers on the Giza Plateau

In late August 2004, Gilles Dormion asserted that a room lies beneath the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.
Dormion thinks that this hidden room contains the funerary equipment of Pharaoh Khufu. He believes that if and when the chamber is opened it will reveal riches which exceed those found in King Tut’s tomb.
Dormion and his partner Verd’hurt conducted a microgravimeter survey. They found that there was a cavity behind the west wall of the Queen’s Chamber.
A Japanese team conducted a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of the floor and walls of the Queen’s Chamber. The findings revealed a cavity which was three meters behind the north wall.
The research projects described here were done with permission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
Some of the teams drilled holes in the Great Pyramid.
Since that time, the Supreme Council of Antiquities have refused to let any research teams drill holes in the world’s greatest monument, which is the only remaining wonder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
There are many theories that there is a secret chamber in the Great Sphinx. It is believed a hidden chamber lies between the paws of the Great Sphinx.
The Great Sphinx is the oldest and the largest statue in the world. The Supreme Council of Antiquities refuses to allow anyone to drill that monument.

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