Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Star Review!

Reviewer’s summary: Egyptian archeologist, Dr. Abdul Saad, discovers a hidden chamber in the right paw of the Great Sphinx, and he asks his life-long friend, Dr. Cliff Post, who is an American archeologist, to join him on an expedition down below the Great Sphinx, which Cliff eagerly agrees to do. Before the expedition can get started, Cliff and Abdul must convince the Council on Egyptian Antiquities that cutting into the Great Sphinx will not permanently damage this ancient wonder of the world.
However, getting the Council to award the digging permit is not the only problem Drs. Post and Saad confront. Their other challenge is dealing with Dr. Hosnee Sadat, an Egyptian archeologist who wants to convince the Council that he and his team should be allowed to open the hidden chamber and all Westerners should be excluded from having anything to do with the project. Past dealings with European and American archeologists has left Dr. Sadat convinced that Westerners only want to steal the glory and the riches of Egyptian culture. Read more of the five star review at Grid Review!

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