Monday, June 24, 2013

The Ankh (Ancient Egypt)

The ankh is the symbol of eternal life. It is a cross with a handle. Egyptian gods are often represented as holding the ankh.
Egyptian are also shown touching mummies with the ankh.
The ankh represents rebirth, regeneration and renewal.
The loop of the ankh is said to represent the Nile River. The cross of the ankh represents that path of the Sun from East to West.
In many Egyptian tombs, temples and pyramids, the Egyptian goddess Isis is depicted as carrying the ankh.
Isis is a major goddess; she is a mother goddess.
The ankh is also the key to the Ka and the Ba. It is the key between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds.
Egyptologists have not been able to discover the origin of the ankh.
Some Egyptologists believe that the ankh represents conception but this has not been proven.
In modern times, the ankh is popular because it is the symbol for life.
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Ankh tattoos and ankh jewelry is very popular.
The ankh represents the life giving elements of air and water.
There many paintings and carvings which show the ankh being pressed against the lips of the king as a symbol of the breath of life.

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