Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Trip To Egypt

I was so excited about going to Egypt that I could barely sleep at night in the days before the trip began.

I originally went to Egypt in the summer of 1976, the Bicentennial year.
When we landed in Cairo, our tour guide met us at the airport and accompanied us to our hotel.
The following day we left by bus for the 10 mile trip to Giza, Egypt.
 While on the tour bus, our tour guides asked us about the Bicentennial. One of our guide liked Americans so much that he liked to be called Mario.His real name was Mohammed.
We discovered that Mario and his fellow guides were very amused by we Americans. The Egyptian guides thought it was very funny that we Americans were so excited about being 200 years old.
They laughed saying that Egyptian civilization was 5000 years old.
When we arrived at the Giza Plateau, I was immediately struck by how massive the structures were.
The Great Sphinx stands 66 feet high: the Great Pyramid is 486 feet high.
While we were at the Great Pyramid we climbed the 108 steps to the King’s Chamber.
It was not possible to stand upright in the stone staircase; a person had to stoop.
While there, I took the opportunity to ride a camel. It was fun although it was a bony ride.
From Giza, we traveled south to Luxor which, in ancient times, was called Thebes.

In my next blog, I will write about my travel to King Tut’s tomb.

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