Sunday, April 26, 2015

W is for Watson and Crick...also "W" Music for Monday's Music Moves Me #atozchallenge, #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Who are Watson and Crick?
They are the scientist who discovered the DNA molecule. The DNA molecule is a double helix. The late showman, Merv Griffin described the DNA molecule as "looking like a ladder that's been in a bad fire."

Watson and Crick received the Nobel Prize for their discovery. 

DNA has revolutionized police work. Before DNA a drop of blood left at a crime scene could only reveal blood type. DNA can identify the specific individual that blood belongs to.


"W" Music! Link up with the gals from Monday's Music Moves Me below.

What are you doing the rest of your life? by Frank Sinatra

Walkin' in the Rain by The Ronettes

Where is Love? by Sammy Davis Jr.


  1. Fabulous choices and The Ronettes my fave girl group growing up along with the Crystals ...superb :-)

    Have a spectortastic week :-)

  2. Some real classic tunes I don't thing I've ever heard Sammy Davis Jr. sing that song before. Love the Ronettes and who doesn't love ol' blue eyes! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND.

  3. These are definitely some good classics.

    Thanks for rocking with us!

  4. Watson & Crick made a huge contribution toward putting the bad guy away. They definitely deserved that Noble Prize. Sammy Davis, Jr really could sing. It's a nice reminder with Where is Love. Wonderful 4M tunes!