Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's Music...with the letter Q #MondaysMusicMovesMe, #atozchallenge

I wracked my brains over these! Hope you enjoy by letter Q songs for the A-Z challenge. Join in the fun at Xmas Dolly's place.

Queen of the Hop  by Bobby Darin

Quiet Nights by Andy Williams

Questions by the Moody Blues


  1. You go girl! Oh yeah... some really good tunes that I haven't heard in a long time well except for the Moody Blues. Those guys are favorites of the hubby's. Bobby Darin use to be my brother's favorite. My big brother was playin' him all the time. Thanks for joinin' us. Always happy to see your name pop up, and on another note I see you have taken the challenge too. I guess I'll pop over here too now. Woo Hoo... what did you do for Q???? lol

  2. Oh hahaha that one is on me... I see it now Questions by The Moody Blues... I was looking for the letter Q... silly me... hahaha and my last name is Moody... oh well... LOL Have a good evening.

  3. Y'all are at Q already????
    Thanks for rocking and sharing with us.
    Hope your week is going great!

  4. I like your choices a nice mix of retro :-)

    Have a retrotastic weekend :-)