Monday, July 29, 2013

What reviewers are saying...

As you probably have figured out by now, I love archaeology and historical places.  I have been on several trips with my nephew, Matt, where we have discovered many fun things that show up in my two books, The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx and The Underwater Pyramid In the Bermuda Triangle.

I thought you might like to see what other people are saying about my books.

The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx 
"This was a fun take on the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids. While it is fiction, you can tell that the author did her research in the writing of the book. Seeing that this book was geared toward kids I shared this story with my eldest and she loved it. She wanted me to keep reading from beginning to end without pause." ~Dad

"This book is fascinating for any age, although it is written for young teens. I learned more facts from this than from a tour in Cairo, although the book is fiction." ~Bonnie

" I have always wanted to go Egypt to experience this wonder but it was enjoyable reading this author's spin about the Sphinx. It is also refreshing to see that people do research about what they write about because it helps make the story more believable  In Greek tradition, the Sphinx has the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a woman." ~Carrie

"The book in an overview is about a man who moves and finds love with a widowed mother next door neighbor. He is a professor and joins in archaeological digs following in the footsteps of his dad with life long friend archaeologist. Searching out the hidden chamber in the Great Sphinx life takes so many interesting turns. Facts are sprinkled throughout and fiction." ~Life

The Underwater Pyramid In the Bermuda Triangle
"Cadose is a seasoned traveler that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime! In The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle, Cliff Post and a few other characters from her book, The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx, return for a new adventure! I learned about so many new things while reading this book. I learned historical facts about pirates, the geography of Bimini, SCUBA diving (I'm already a certified diver and she was spot on with everything!) and I learned about ancient civilizations, new discoveries and theories. Written primarily for younger children in their middle school years (and older) this book will fascinate the minds of many and take them on an incredible journey." ~Book

"The story picked up with the main character of Dr. Cliff Post, the archaeologist, who along with his adopted son, Matt and marine archaeologist, Kyle Wilson, has just discovered an under water pyramid in the Bermuda triangle just off the coast of Cuba.

The discovery leads to many more finds including mummies in water tight coffins, walls with cryptic hieroglyphs and a treasure trove of other goodies.

The exploration of the pyramid also lead to a special item that proves Dr. Post's theory of aliens and the lost city of Atlantis. Of course that item gets stolen and cause a couple of twists in the story including someone getting shot! Whoa!" ~NM

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