Monday, July 15, 2013

My Trip To Florida and the Bahamas

I took a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas with my favorite traveling companion, my nephew, Matt.
The trip originated in Boston where we took a bus to New York.
Our ship was the Norwegian Dawn. When I first saw the Dawn, I was struck by the immense size of the ship.
The first thing we did was to participate in the safely presentation which was held in the ship’s theater.
We took our life preservers with us to the lecture. After this safety presentation, we went on a self-directed tour of the ship.
There were many restaurants on the ship and a variety of kinds of restaurant. During the cruise, I became quite fond of cold fruit soups.
Our first port of call was Port Canaveral. I was surprised by the size of the port. I hadn’t realized that it was so large.
Many large ships were docked at the port.
When we went ashore, we visited an outdoor memorial to the Challenger crew. Seeing the memorial brought back the shock and profound sadness I felt when the tragedy occurred.
From Port Canaveral, we traveled to Miami.
In Miami, we went on a bus tour of the city. I was particularly interested in seeing the home of Gianni Versace.
From Miami, we sailed to the Bahamas.
Once there, we went on a tour of the island.
We were supposed to go to a cookout on an island the cruise company owns.
Hurricane Katrina was responsible for that part of the cruise being cancelled.
All too soon we were back in Boston. It was a wonderful trip.

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