Monday, July 8, 2013

Awe Describes Egypt Perfectly

The Nile River-Photo source
If I had to choose one word to describe Egypt, it would be awe.
When you visit Egypt, it has a surreal quality because all the ancient monuments, temples and pyramid are so awesome.
I can remember the entire time I was in Egypt having a difficult time believing that I was really there.
I can remember standing on the banks of the Nile exclaiming, “That’s the Nile.” I can remember pinching myself; thinking That’s the Nile. It’s not the Mississippi or the Missouri; it’s the Nile.
The shear size of everything is overwhelming. The Great Pyramid is over 400+ feet that is more than 40 stories high.
The four statues that frame the entrance to Abu Simbel are 65 feet tall. The statues at the entrance of the Valley of the Kings are 65 feet tall.
Then there is the awe that the buildings are thousands of years old. How many buildings last that long?
Then there is the awe that the ancients were able to build such structures. Even with our modern technology we could not build the Great Pyramid today.
Finally, there is the awe that that ancient Egyptians had such an advanced culture.
The ancients had advanced medicine, advanced technology magnificent paintings, carvings and statues

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