Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Cruise To Bermuda

In the summer of 2002, I took my favorite traveling companion, my nephew, Matt on a cruise to Bermuda.
I find him to be my most charming traveling companion because he sees the world through a child’s eyes.
For him, everything is an adventure.
We left Boston from Black Falcon Pier and sailed to Bermuda.
Once we docked in Bermuda, we booked many shore excursions.
The first shore excursion was to Hamilton by a horse and buggy. The town of Hamilton was beautiful with its pastel pink, green and yellow buildings.
Hamilton is spotlessly clean and has a cheerful ambiance.
A glass bottom boat trip was our second shore excursion. We could see the coral reefs through the glass bottom. We could also see many species of tropical fish.
Matt was very interested in everything and his enthusiasm never wavered throughout the trip.
Another shore excursion was to spend the day on a pink sand beach. These beaches are pristine. When you go swimming in them, you can see the bottom very clearly. There is no silt.
We also enjoyed exploring the ship. The ship had a casino, a theater, six restaurants and a 50′s diner.
My nephew was still animated on the way home.

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