Friday, January 3, 2014

Do you have a 52 list?

A friend of mine decided to do 52 goals to work on rather than make resolutions. If the goals were not achieved then there is no beating one's self up over it. I thought I would make my own list and I am publishing it here for you to read and to encourage me to keep on task. It turn out I have a list of 53 instead.

Do you make goals for yourself? Tell me in comments.
Happy New Year!
~Linda Cadose

Here are my goals.                                27. Love more
1. Lose weight                                       28. Be kind to animals
2. Exercise more                                    29. Be more attentive to elderly neighbors
3. Put new tires on my car.                   30. Write everything down.
4. Put a new battery in my car.               31. Keep a journal.
5. Watch less TV.                                    32. Be more organized
6. Read more.                                          33. Study more
7. Donate to St. Jude's Hospital               34. Volunteer
8. Donate to feed the children                   35. Do not lose address book.
9. Eat more vegetables                              36. Eat more fiber.
10. Visit friends more often                        37. Stop eating fried foods.
11. Visit family more often                          38. Stop eating fast foods
12. Walk more                                            39. Keep a journal.
13. Stop eating bread.                                40. Stop procrastinating
14. Stop eating anything with sugar.           41. Stop eating pasta.
15. Finish writing 3rd book                           42. Go to OA meetings once a week.
16. Write 4th book this summer                    43. Weigh myself once a week.
17. Write 5th book this fall                              44. Go to plays more often
18. Travel more.                                              45. Renew license on time.
19. Take more nature walks                               46. Go to the gym 3 times a week.
20. Buy more books                                           47. Ride the bike at the gym 3 times a week.
21. Get pictures to my editor                            48. Stop misplacing things
22. Go to the cinema more often.                         49. Offer to drive people to the doctor's
23. Feed the birds more often                               50.Keep better records
24. Cook more.                                                      51. Be more efficient.
25. Eat out less.                                                      52. Write to friends more often
26. Finish requirements for license.                         53. Remember birthdays

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