Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amazing discovery in 2013

photo by Franck Goddio

Originally found in 2000,  an underwater excavation took place in June of 2013 out in Aboukir Bay, in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 150 feet under the waters. This was a combined effort of  Franck Goddio, archaeologist, and the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology.

What was found was an entire civilization from about the 8th century BC that had been lost. The Egyptian city was called Heracleion. The city is also known as Thonis-Heracleion and only was previously known due to ancient text discovered on land. This city was a major marine time hub for trade in and out of Egypt.

Excavation is still taking place but thus far the discovery has been astounding. Ancient stones with inscription, 16 foot statues and smaller statues of major and minor gods, gold coins, 60 or more ships, and several hundred parts of others, jewelry and ceramics are among the findings.

The city had been submerged due to erosion and rising sea levels. The find will only help bring back to life a city that may have been completely lost in time if not for the discoveries.

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