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Today I though I would share part of an interview  that I did in 2012 with The Children's Book Review. Enjoy.

Linda has travelled to Egypt and visited all of the historical sites discussed in her book The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx. She holds a Master’s degree in technical and professional writing from Northeastern University. Her career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and teacher prevented her from seeking a writing career in the past, however, she has always had an interest in writing and is particularly interested in writing for the juvenile market. She grew up in Plymouth, MA, and now resides in Carver, MA.

Bianca Schulze: From where did you draw the inspiration for your archeological adventure novel The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx? Were you inspired by your trips visiting historical sites in Egypt?
Linda Cadose: I drew my inspiration for the novel from visiting Egypt. Egypt is a lovely and fascinating country. The antiquities left me spellbound.
BS: How much of your travel experience and observations impacted the way you developed the characters?
LC: My travel experiences helped me create Dr. Abdul Saad and his wife Fatima. The other characters were American and I based those characters on people I knew at home. Dr. Cliff Post is based on one of my Boston University professors.
BS: The main character, Dr. Cliff Post, is an archeologist. Which aspect of Dr. Cliff Post’s personality do you think readers will connect with most?
LC: Dr. Cliff Post is an honorable man who protects women and is kind to handicapped children. I think his dignity and humanity are his most appealing characteristics.

For the complete interview go HERE

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