Monday, April 22, 2013

Tomb of Egyptian Princess Found

The tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess has been discovered in bedrock south of the city of Cairo.
Archaeologists do not know why the tomb is near non-royal officials instead of at  Saqqara, where the royal family is buried.
The archaeologists found sections of a false door, which shows the name and the titles of the princess.
Her name was Sheretnebty. Her tomb is surrounded by several mastabas.
The research is being directed by Miroslav Barta. Barta is an Egyptologist who is from the Czech Institute of Egyptology which is part of the Charles University.
The discovery is important because the princess is part of the Fifth Dynasty. The Fifth Dynasty was the era in which the pyramid builders lived.
This is part of the Old Kingdom. During that part of Egyptian history, the capital was Memphis.
The necropolis of the Old Kingdom was Saqqara and is near the famed Step Pyramid.
This discovery opens a new chapter in the history of Abusir and Saqqara.

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