Saturday, April 27, 2013

Electricity and the Ancient Egyptians

Mainstream archaeologists believe that mirrors were used to see inside of ancient Egypt's pyramids and temples. However, there are too many angles inside the temples and pyramids for this technique to have worked.
The question of how the insides of these structures were lit remains.
Inside of the pyramids and temples there are many paintings and carvings but not one speck of soot has ever been found.
Inside the Temple of Dendera, there is a drawing of a man holding a bulb which is attached by cable to a small box.
Proponents of the Ancient Aliens Theory assert that this drawing is a depiction of electricity being used inside the temple.
Any light source which was used to light these ancient structures would have been required to be both reliable and long lasting, because it would have taken many hours to produce the drawings and paintings inside these ancient structures which are intricate.
Mainstream archaeologists maintain that the drawing is of a man holding a lotus flower.
Is this ancient drawing a lotus flower or a depiction of electricity? You decide.

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