Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Great Review! Look at this!

Great review-thank you!   Purchase here

"Looking for a book to take on vacation (or to enjoy during a staycation)? The House on Wellfleet Bluffs has a little something for everyone who likes fiction. There is the romantic young couple who are excited to be making the move from an apartment to their first house. There is the Gothic atmosphere of the windswept bluffs and the history of tragedy associated with the house. There are mysterious occurrences that will have you trying to anticipate what comes next. There are touches of sorrow and of absolution. There are even some family secrets and a bit of Civil War history mixed in.

Readers of romantic mysteries (and anyone who watches HGTV), will quickly come to suspect that the house Lynne and Jason purchase is "too good to be true." And when odd things begin to happen, they do what I would do - go to the library for some research. What they learn only leads them to more questions, and they find out other bits of the house's history from real estate records, old newspaper clippings, and even old journals. But the forces at work in the house are building in strength. Should they stay and try to solve the mystery, or leave while they can?

The characters are a wide range of personalities. The colorful Dottie does spiritual cleansings of houses. Energetic Neal has a connection to the house since his father and grandfather both worked on the landscaping and grounds. Anne, the librarian, was best friends with a previous owner and once worked for the realtor who sold the house to Lynne and Jason. Lisa, the next door neighbor, always seems to be wandering around in her yard, but no gardening ever gets done. Everyone has his or her own little story and they all lead back to the house in some way.

Whether you enjoy things that go bump in the night, or prefer sleuthing through old deeds and journals, this is a quick and enjoyable read - perfect for summer vacation or a weekend getaway."  ~Suzanne C.

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