Sunday, August 23, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Marvin Gaye

Welcome back to music week hosted by Xmas Dolly and her co-host, Naila Moon, Collette, and Stacy.

For this week, I choose Marvin Gaye. Hope you enjoy the music. ~Linda Cadose

Sexual Healing

Walkin' in the Rain

What's Goin On


  1. Brilliant choices lurrrve Marvin Gaye

    Have a motowntastic week :-)

  2. Marvin Gaye was one of the best. I like all of your fantastic choices today.

  3. Classic. What a voice. Nothing beats him.

  4. You are definitely rockin the house today my friend! The king of rhythm & groove, if you are down this man lifts you up. If you sitting you're up & movin'! Oh yeah that's what I call mega talent! YOU TRULY ROCK GIRLFRIEND! WOOO

  5. Those are all awesome choices! Funny, I posted a song *about* Marvin Gaye. :) Thanks for the dance! :)

    Marvin Gaye will Run Away With You so Save It for a Rainy Day that Fight Song

  6. Oh yes! you know how to bring the music!