Monday, June 23, 2014


This week I am joining in again with the fun musical adventure called Monday's Music Moves Me.
This is hosted by Xmas Dolly.

You can sign up with her link here.

I hope you like what I have chosen this week.

This first song is popular but I do like it.

Linda Cadose


  1. oooooo All my favorites! Talk about the ol' days & high school. Woo Hoo So happy you joined us. Hope you had a rockin' good time! You definitely ROCKED the house girlfriend!

  2. I love the happy song and never grow tired of listening to it. And, I will still love it tomorrow. Oh what a night of great music.

  3. Of course I love all of them!
    Thanks for the party!

  4. woohoo what a party you are having. love all these songs for sure.