Monday, October 28, 2013

Want to go on an archaeological dig?

Cole's Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, MassachusettsIf you could have a chance to go on an archaeological dig in your hometown, where would you go? 
I have thought about this. Since I live in Massachusetts, I would choose Cole’s Hill, this is the burial grounds where many of the pilgrims were buried.
The winter of 1620-1621 was severe. It was extremely cold and snowy. The Pilgrims lost half their number. They didn't want the Indians to see how great their losses had been throughout that harsh first winter, so the Pilgrims secretly buried their dead on Cole’s Hill.
For my archeological dig, I would make a grid over the entire cemetery, then collect artifacts. I would catalog each and eventually place them in the Pilgrim Hall Museum. I would hire a forensic anthropologist – like Temperance Brennen from the show, Bones – to analyze the cause of death in the Pilgrims.  My choice of Cole’s Hill for an archaeological dig would reveal much about the Pilgrims and how they lived their lives.

How about you? Where would you dig in your backyard?
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