Friday, August 30, 2013

The Ancient Alien Theory From Dr. Cliff Post

The Ancient Aliens Theory

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to Lodge University’s Annual Lecture: New Theories in Archaeology and please welcome our new speaker Dr. Cliff Post.
For centuries, no one has been able to answer the question of how the Great Pyramid was built.
The Great Pyramid is composed of 2.5 million blocks of stone weighing between 2-15 tons each. Yet, the immense blocks are fit together so tightly that you can’t place a credit card between the stones.
The quarries from which the stones were taken were a great distance from the Pyramid.
This leads to several questions:
1. How were the stones transported from the quarry to the Pyramid?
2. How were the stones transported up the Pyramid?
3. How many men were required to build the Pyramid?
4. How many years did it take to build the Pyramid?
Christopher Dunn, the engineer and machinist have discovered saw marks on some of the stones.
He calculates that the ancient Egyptians used 35 foot saws to cut the stones.
This indicates the presence of advanced technologies which the ancient Egyptians did not possess.
There is evidence of advanced technology on the statues as well. There is a statue of Ramses II which Christopher Dunn took photographs of.
Mr. Dunn inserted the photographs into the graphics program on his computer.
He discovered that the left side of Ramses II’s face is the exact mirror image of the right side of Ramses II’s face.
This indicates the use of advanced tooling.
The conclusion that I reach is that a civilization far more advanced than the ancient Egyptians helped to build the structures of ancient Egypt.

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